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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Edge2.138 a closet

This week almost uninterrupted music from the great A Closet of Curiosities blog. Indeed full of curious stuff: Aboriginal didjeridoo, Mexican ┬áTarahumara, Visage by Luciano Berio, Evan Parker’s improvised music, Jim Carroll’s sound poetry and Electronic music by Halim El-dabh. Grey Calx, thanks for this marvelous blog, another time we will absolutely visit your basement! […]


Edge2.137 d’accordion

The accordion has this dusty feel, played by street musicians in klezmer or folk style. Quite a few accordionists are changing the way we look at and listen to the accordion. Not the least the Dutch duo Toeac, two young women playing the repertoire of young composers. The Motion Trio from Poland set their goal […]


Edge2.136 Dissidents

Dissidents have made their re-entrance in contemporary Dutch politics. A curious phenomenon that begs to be investigated. Edge digs into some historic dissidentals.. hold tight, fasten seat belts, freedom is approaching.. As promised, how to spell Eugene Chadbourne: well, Eugene Chadbourne. And John Cage’s personal comment on 4’33: “I have nothing to say / and […]


Edge2.135 Freeform episode 3

A plethora of music from the world of sound production: propaganda/ commerciala, instructionala, russendiskola, socialista, musica concreta en van Agta. And of course the next Yodel lessons.