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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Edge2.204 Some Stuff Laying Around The House

Don’t know what to say after listening to Sean Landers’ rant, I am humbled by him, my words pale in comparison.. here’s the list: Electro-Acoustic Fanfare – Barry Anderson (album: Project 91) How We Hear – Bell Telephone Laboratories (album: The Science Of Sound) There Was Never A Moment When Evil Was Real – Boyd Rice (album: […]


Edge2.203 Mostly Moogy

Robert Moog invented the Moog synthesizer in the late fifties of last century. The impact of an affordable electronic and versatile instrument for the production of music has been big, Moog has become a household name like for example the hoover. Albums referencing the Moog in the title or even name of the performer(s) are […]


Edge2.202 Soulseek revisited

Last week we rediscovered the peer to peer file sharing network Soulseek. Soulseek is a unique network of music enthousiasts of obscure and hard to find music; i.e. a perfect match for the Edge listener. The reason we went back is two tiered, for one the crack down on music blogs and the accompanying cyber […]


Edge2.201 Gegenwart?

This is fun, a testament of improvised radio and stupidity on our part. Gegenwart in German just means contemporary.. oh dear, how embarrassing. Ok let’s move on quickly.. the playlist: Wiener Werkel – Dieter Kaufmann (album: Österreichische Musik der Gegenwart – Elektronische Musik 1) Early Work 6 – Peter Rehberg (album An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music […]


Edge 2.200: Two oh oh celebratory edgecast.

A milestone, Edge radio show celebrates its 200st edition with an extra hour, some naughty 15 bonus minutes and a much appreciated visit by OOG Radio lead Evert Janse. From now on we simply call Edge2.0 Edge2xx until we reach our next milestone. Thanks all who came by for a drink, the reception was heart […]