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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Edge2.240 Sans Remote

No Remote Jeroen this week, therefore less talk more music. That is to say.. Enjoy! Playlist Ecraser La Vermine – Ptôse (album: Poisson Soluble) Multistability 10-B – Mark Fell (album: Multistability) Bad Sonic – Markof (album: Elektrotehnika Slavenika) More Noise Please – Steven Jesse Bernstein (album: Prison) Textuur – Frits Weiland (album: Electronic Panorama disc 2  Utrecht (6526 004)) Egyptian reggae – Pascal Comelade (album: Danses et […]


Edge2.239 US, CA

The United States and Canada are the next destination in our ongoing journey.. enjoy! Playlist Theme For An American TV Show – The Residents (album: Magnetic North) You Like Red Beans! (We Go Together) – Original Mix – Akufen (album: Battlestar Galacticlown) Turn the Music Down – unknown (album: Wayout) I Hate the 80s – Duran Duran Duran (album: Marke B 05) Oh doctor […]


Edge2.238 FR, IT

We continued our auditive scouting mission to France and Italy hitting upon a French Fuck, French made Italo disco and some future from the past. Playlist: French Fuck – Dirtyphonics (album: French Fuck / Bonus Level) Canzone Rumorista – Luigi Russolo  (album: Die Kunst der Geräusche) Musique De Funerailles – Alexei Aigui + Pierre Bastien (album: Musique Cyrillique) Quattro Pezzi I – Giacinto Scelsi (album: […]


Edge2.237 DE, PL

Continuing our scouting journey to Germany and Poland this week. We learned some to untie some foreign knots which turned out to be quite easy. Sit tight, easy tunes ahead. Playlist Space-Freizeit ’69 – W. Breinig (album: Pop-Shopping: Juicy Music from German Commercials 1960-1975) Part I – Piotr Kurek (album: Lectures) Chinatown – New York – Motion Trio (album: Metropolis) Grammy Winners […]