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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Edge2.154 Freeform episode 6

What makes Edge an esoteric  radio program? Listen to our sixth installment of freeform; a mishmash of auditive tidbits dug up from the sewers of the internet and the vast archives of your hosts. Nothing more needs to be said, just tune in.. and drop out?


Edge2.153 Water

Water has always been a favorite source to record. This week Edge dived into the world of water and dug up some familiar and unfamiliar sounds. Gordon Monahan and Patrich Ready demonstrated a Musical Water Jet. Chinese water torture of Spencer Yen, synthetic water by electronic pioneer composer Piero Umiliani, The Water Cycle Song by […]

Edge2.152 Mostly organ

A few weeks ago at the Isstjärnan ice festival in Sweden, Arthur Elsenaar and Jeroen Meijer experimented with organ pipes build from blocks of ice. This resulted in an Arctic Drone Organ, large up to 4 meter high pipes resonating on the burst of computer-controlled gas flames. A highly paradoxical experiment as playing the organ at the […]


Edge2.151 Mixed bag

Edge2.0 will be irregularly programmed for the foreseeable future, therefore the Yodel lessons will be on hold. That said, this week Edge presented a mixed bag of goodies: A Gaddafi Dance Mix, Heaven 17, some dubstep, Asmus Tietchens, Mark Stewart, British artist duo Gilbert&George, Duet Emmo and children’s toy music. Enjoy.