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Edge2.199 Net Battle

The Internet or better the freedoms citizens of the world have enjoyed since the net’s inception, are under a continuous threat from big bizz to take away these freedoms. An assault is orchestrated in the hope to curb free speech and free exchange of information. It goes so far to propose for bizz to have […]


Edge2.189 Ohne Titel

What a dull moment, no 11 cities in the frozen lowlands, ACTA still a threat to internet freedom and no other news really. Damn what a bore, but luckily there’re still some good music blogs around: EXP ETC to name a prominent one. Playlist: Japanil Kalyanaraman – Title Music (1985) –¬†Raaja, Gansesh, Hamsalekha (album:¬†Play That […]


Edge2.116 Oh dear what a mess!

Oh dear what a mess!