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Edge2.157 Avantgarde, Avant Garde, Avant-Garde.

Avant-garde is spelled in a variety of ways and the arts it’s referencing can be just as diverse. We played classic avant-garde artists like John Cage with Joan La Barbara, the just passed away Max Mathews, Jan Boerman, but also Raymond Scott, Holger Hiller and many others. As usual, link below, enjoy.


Edge2.145 Happy Avant

Having survived the yearly TOP 2000 1066, or whatever number, nostalgic radio broadcasting spree.. all stuff one has heard already a thousand times.. boring, but do not despair, Edge2.0 is back with unmistaken avant garde music from the fine electronic studios from the 60s and 70s. Further some typical Dutch draaiorgel (barrel organ) music from […]


Edge2.135 Freeform episode 3

A plethora of music from the world of sound production: propaganda/ commerciala, instructionala, russendiskola, socialista, musica concreta en van Agta. And of course the next Yodel lessons.