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Edge2.235 NO, SE or Searching for Hodell

Biased as we always are at Edge, most music we let pass by this week is dark, avant garde and up North. Luckily ABBA enlightens us at the opposite end of the show with a warm hearted thank you. But where is Hodell? Playlist: Heart And Soul – BJ Nilsen (album: Recovery) Searching – Arne Nordheim (album: Dodeka) Attack III […]


Edge2.231 Mashup and Sonic Acts XV

This week we pay attention to the impeding Sonic Acts festival in Amsterdam that celebrates its XV anniversary. Further Remote Jeroen intermingles some of his favorite mashup’s. Playlist Making Babies In A Spring Bed – C.M. Von Hausswolff (album: Frequencies [Hz]) Heart And Soul – BJ Nilsen (album: Recovery) Gotland – BJ Nilsen (album: Touch 25) Love Him – Okapi  (album: Love Him) Tumba […]


Edge2.221 Floods ‘n Sounds

Sound is a stream, is a flood, are air molecules compressed and expanded. Playlist: Oh Yeah – Yello (album: The Best Of) All That Is My Own – Vocals by Cosey Fanni Tutti – X-TG (album: Desertshore) Stasis – X-TG (album: The Final Report) How We Hear – Bell Telephone Laboratories (album: The Science Of Sound) Fontana Mix/Sextet for […]