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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Edge2.157 Avantgarde, Avant Garde, Avant-Garde.

Avant-garde is spelled in a variety of ways and the arts it’s referencing can be just as diverse. We played classic avant-garde artists like John Cage with Joan La Barbara, the just passed away Max Mathews, Jan Boerman, but also Raymond Scott, Holger Hiller and many others. As usual, link below, enjoy.


Edge2.156 Happiness

Oh dear happiness, so easy to achieve, just play some catchy tunes and off you go: Wim T.Schippers, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Yodel, Pipilotti Rist, Happy Days TV tune, the seriously serious Gerard de Vries, Esquivel, Disco Accordion and hold on, Bring Back Those Glorious Years; The Bathrooms Are Coming! Instant happiness and so cheap, click below […]


Edge2.155: Field recordings

This week’s broadcast started with a historic broadcast, the announcement of the former Soviet Union of the first man in space: Juri Gagarin. Which coincides with the new Juri Gagarin statue in London. Recordings: dogs in NYC and Sweden, anti-hitler blues, Polyphonic singing from Sardinia, Trinidad Field Recordings, Animal Music/Tiermusik. Intermixed with birds from London […]