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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Edge2.187: MegaEdge

After the demise of the MegaUpload file hosting site, your source for fat free joyful listening remains on air; MegaEdge, tolerated never mimicked. Playable in glorious 192kbps stereo: Historic recording of three Dutch boys that managed to escaped the Netherlands during WWII (BBC?) – (album: Nederland in de Oorlog 1940-45 – Een reeks oorspronkelijke opnamen.) […]


Edge2.186 SOPA PIPA It’s Black Internet day

It’s black, it’s bad, it’s SOPA, it’s PIPA, it’s Internet censorship protest day. Edge2.0 won’t go black, but discusses the horrific consequences of the US proposed legislation. Playlist: Berlitz Drama – Hermann Painkiller – Blackhole Dub (album: Collected Works) Krakkkbot – Children of Tomorrow dying Today (album:┬áBLAK MUSK / ALPHA VVAVS) Robert Nighthawk – Black […]


Edge2.185 Freeform episode 10

Another Freeform episode with 2 baskets filled by 2 DJs (Boukor (for his – for now – final broadcast as a DJ for Edge) and Jeroen) with tracks of all sorts (as if when we pick a theme we aren’t eclectic in our playlist). Lots of electronica with the two opening tracks by Orbital and […]


Edge2.184 Unusual musical instruments

Happy & healthy 2012! We (Boukor & Jeroen) start off this year with, as can be read in the blog post subject, “Unusual musical instruments”. A bit strange for Edge to call something “unusual”, but when many of the recordings of obscure instruments are limited to lofi recordings – this indicates they are not yet […]