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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Edge2.141 Mashup, Cut up, Break up.

Cut ups, mashups, break ups and remixes are the focus of this weeks broadcast. Plus the punk classic California ├╝ber Alles, played by Duckmandu on his accordion; Fresh Duck for Rotting Accordionists.. More yodelling lessons, the edge crew is getting the hang of it and we’re yodelling like mad in and beyond the studio. If […]


Edge2.140 Freeform episode 4

Right, Remote Jeroen is back, so we have a freeform episode this week. A bagpipe orchestra from Bulgary, Brian Eno’s last, Gerard de Vries, Melt Banana, Angus MacLise and the B’52’s. Not to forget more Yodel lessons and judging on the Jeroen’s progress, in a few months, he will be an impressive Yodelling debute.


Edge2.139 Pascal et Pierre

Catalan Pascal Comelade and French Pierre Bastien have independent careers, but also worked together. Pascal is known for his use of toy instruments and Pierre for his mechanical instruments and trumpet play. No more no less, Pascal et Pierre. Not to forget a new set of Yodel lessons.