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Edge2.243 Sans Remote Deux

No Remote Jeroen this week, so more music less talk. Enjoy! Playlist Disco 6 – Marcello Giombini (album: Computer Disco) Total Pussy Control – Legowelt (album: Classics 1998-2003 – A Selection Of Tracks From The Archive) Pac-Man – Haruomi Hosono (album: Video Game Music) Russian kowboy – 8bit Rockers (album: Arcade Hits) On Balance – Zos Kia/Coil (album: Transparent) The Chairs Story – David Toop (album: New […]


Edge2.221 Floods ‘n Sounds

Sound is a stream, is a flood, are air molecules compressed and expanded. Playlist: Oh Yeah – Yello (album: The Best Of) All That Is My Own – Vocals by Cosey Fanni Tutti – X-TG (album: Desertshore) Stasis – X-TG (album: The Final Report) How We Hear – Bell Telephone Laboratories (album: The Science Of Sound) Fontana Mix/Sextet for […]


Edge2.210 John Cage 100

Ok, we’re not original at all after the summer break and join the ranks of sites and other media outlets celebrating the 100th birthday of one of the 20th Century most influential composers John Cage. Playlist: Rozart Mix – John Cage (album: Music Before Revolution) Imaginary Landscape – John Cage (album: Siemens – Studio für Elektronische […]


Edge2.118 Silence, SUB > deafness and an apocalypse.

Silence, SUB > deafness and an apocalypse.