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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Edge2.199 Net Battle

The Internet or better the freedoms citizens of the world have enjoyed since the net’s inception, are under a continuous threat from big bizz to take away these freedoms. An assault is orchestrated in the hope to curb free speech and free exchange of information. It goes so far to propose for bizz to have […]


Edge2.198 Grab Bag

We could have called this broadcast Freeform episode x, but instead we just call it grab bag. Why? We don’t know, I’m blank, I’m tired. Playlist: Silansa 1 – Sons of Silence (album: The Answering Machine Solution) Mow Mow – John Zorn & The Dreamers (album: The Dreamers) Boots – Destroy All Monsters (album: 3-1974/1976 : To The Throne […]


Edge2.197 Freeform episode 11

This week another freeform episode, with dormant Boukor waking up this week to replace Arthur and present with Jeroen yet another mixed bag of music for your enjoyment and contemplation. Playlist: Seefeel – Come Alive (EP: More Like Space EP) Motion Trio – Balkan Dance (album: Balkan Music El tiempo de los gitanos) Jeremy Gillespie […]


Edge2.196 Open Libraries, closed down crawler.

Today some attention to the close down of our friend the music blog search engine CaptainCrawl. After pressure from music industry CC has thrown in the towel and closed itself down. Then some discussion on a new project by Remote Jeroen and co. called with the aim to shake up the almost asleep library […]