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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Edge2.166 35% NL

The ultra rightwing PVV party now demands 35% of radio broadcast time on Radio 2 should consist of Dutch language music. For this reason mostly Dutch spoken music and comedy. Playlist Dutch National anthem; Wilhelmus Koot en Bie – De Tegenpartij Wim Schippers – Wat Een Lul Theo Maassen – Van binnen zijn we allemaal blank […]


Edge2.165: Halbe

And so another Edge, finding the edge or is it the current government trying to find the edge of tolerance in nl with the current budget cuts on culture? Are we increasingly living in an era of free market extremism? Playlist: Laibach – Leben heißt Leben Picking up girls made easy – The Museum pick […]


Edge2.164 EZ tunes tough times.

EZ tunes though times in culture in the Netherlands. In current proposals of the cabinet, new media cultural institutes will be eradicated.. shocking and unacceptable. Tracks: First two tracks, Sounds in Space by Ken Nordine, Heinz Funk Electric Combo, Looking at Numbers, Ken Nordine, Stock, Hausen & Walkman, Organ Transplant, Taste of Sadness, Walter Wanderley, […]


Edge2.163 Jingles ‘n ads

That’s all it is this time round. Or wait some music as well. In order of appearance: Hee leuk een nieuwe jingle, Ronflonflon jingle Rapping With Gas M.A.Numminen Moulinex Batman, John Zorn Elke zomer lekker heet, jingle Hymn, Jopie Vrieze’s Klein Bazuin N-radio, jingle Sjaak Langenberg Negativland, The Perfect Cut (Canned music) Negativland, The Perfect Cut […]


Edge2.162 Freeform episode 7

It’s freeform time again, so soon after the previous one; is this good or bad? Something for you to judge: Max Matthews, Bayern Schnellzug Gallop, Rolf Harris’ take on the didgeridoo, John Cage/David Tudor, Luc Ferrari, A Jesus that hits like an atom bomb, Poet Richard Jennings about a pussy, åke Parmerud with recent musique […]