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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Edge2.172 Retro: back to back from past to present – part 2

Continuing with retro-sounding bands of the oughties who got Abraham’s mustard from bygone decades gathered by local Boukor. Technical difficulties with “copper”-wired remote Jeroen meant a partly lofi retro broadcast (Arthur mentioned this was how Negativland used to do it back in the 80s, in the pre-internet era) using the ancient telephone to listen to […]


Edge2.171 Retro: back to back from past to present – part 1

Music critic Simon Reynolds states in his latest book the last decade – the (n)oughties – has been the most retro ever, speculating we are approaching times with less and less musical innovation. This may be true as the current digital revolution enables lots of cross-fertilization. We at Edge decided to plunge into the history […]


Edge2.170 Apocalypse part 2

Last week’s connection problems were solved, maybe due to our renewed apocalyptic theme? Lots of guitars and boys noise this evening, providing the soundtrack for a rant from Remote Jeroen on the topic of copyright extension. Local Boukor put some hiphop in the mix, a genre that is relatively new to Edge. But you know: […]


Edge2.169 Apocalypse part I

The Summer is gone and Autumn is already around the corner: the first signs of melancholic decay present themselves. We live in turbulent times in which seasons shift and show their respective icy, leafy, scorching and wet teeth when we don’t expect them. The evening of the 6th of September the first autumn storm landed […]