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Edge2.203 Mostly Moogy

Robert Moog invented the Moog synthesizer in the late fifties of last century. The impact of an affordable electronic and versatile instrument for the production of music has been big, Moog has become a household name like for example the hoover. Albums referencing the Moog in the title or even name of the performer(s) are […]


Edge2.161 MOOG, MOOG, MOOG

Focus on MOOG, Bob and his invention the Moog Synthesizer. Starting early 1950’s Bob’s apparatus had a lasting impact on music production. We will not repeat information about Moog that is widely available on the internet, but instead play a variety of Moog-ed music. Moog and nothing else.. well that is.


Edge2.124 “Termen ne mreT” or “Theremin does not die.”

Leon Theremin, inventor of the mystical instrument the Theremin that could be played by just waving one’s hand in the air. A sensation when invented around 1930, where Theremin travelled the world and became a spy, relaying technological information from the US to the SU. Theremists: Lydia Kavina, Clara Rockmore, Lucie Rosen, Dr Samuel J. […]