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Edge2.239 US, CA

The United States and Canada are the next destination in our ongoing journey.. enjoy! Playlist Theme For An American TV Show – The Residents (album: Magnetic North) You Like Red Beans! (We Go Together) – Original Mix – Akufen (album: Battlestar Galacticlown) Turn the Music Down – unknown (album: Wayout) I Hate the 80s – Duran Duran Duran (album: Marke B 05) Oh doctor […]


Edge2.225 Guns ‘n Drones

Edge starts the new year with guns and drones, two topics that will likely dominate the news in 2013. Hopefully gun control in the states won’t lead to more drones in the street. Playlist: Machine Gun – The Genetic Terrorists (album: Machine Gun) Maryanne Amacher – Excerpt from Stain – album: (The Music Rooms – Live Version) Then – Negativland […]