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Edge2.188 A Grab Bag of Unsorted Unrelatedness.

If this wasn’t Edge, this broadcast would be labelled as having no format. It is in fact a grab bag of an unsorted mess and that’s the beauty or fun if you like.


  • Baa Baa Black Sheep – Singing Sheep (single)
  • Principle and Material Force – Nikolaus Urban (de Appel, single)
  • It Ain’t Necessarily So – Kingsley and Hambro (album: Switched-On Gershwin )
  • Wildkatze – Reith (album: The In-Kraut Vol. 2 – Hip Shaking Grooves Made In Germany 1967-1974)
  • Pretender – John Oswald (album: Plunderphonics)
  • Gifts of Forgiveness – Bill Hicks (album: Rant in E-minor)
  • Duckin’ and Dodgin’ – Alan Lomax collection (album: Negro Prison Blues & Songs )
  • Antinomy – Henry Cowell (The Piano Music of )
  • Solo For Electric Guitar III – Wiek Hijmans (album: Electric Solo!)
  • Danze – Milan Kabelac (album: 8 inventions / 4 études choréograpiques – Philips 836 990 DSY)
  • Mambo Numerique Feat. Towa Tei & Marina – Señor Coconut And His Orchestra (album: Yellow Fever)

A wonderful music blog carrying avant garde music of the 60s and 70s worth checking out, if alone for the cover artwork: Wolf Fifth