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Edge2.192 Slow

Slow music at Radio Boredcast starting tomorrow for 744 hours. Some info on last weeks Sonic Acts festival in Amsterdam.


  • Slow Down for a Fast Trip – Von Spar (album: Die Uneingeschränkte Freiheit der Privaten Initiative)
  • Radio BoredCast Trailer – Vicky Bennett (
  • HandJob – People Like Us (album: Recyclopaedia Britannica)
  • If Someone Touches You – People Like Us With The Jet Black Hair People And Wobbly (album: Recyclopaedia Britannica)
  • Souvenir from Diagonal – Pascal Comelade (album: Slow Musics)
  • Slow Alternate – Bass Alternate – Ellen Fullman (album: Change of Direction)
  • Ursula Fahrt Ski – People Like Us (album: Hate People Like You)
  • Medley-Slow Foxtrot – Cor Steyn (album: Cor Steyn – and his magic organ volume 1)