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Rumori Radio Live at ArtScience fundraiser party 2016

Edge 2.0 or Rumori Radio went live for the first time at the fundraiser party of the ArtScience department of the Royal Academy of Fine Art (KABK) in The Haque. Doing a radio show live for a public that wants to dance is tricky and therefore a fun endeavor. Unfortunately the sound system couldn’t handle the low (?) output volume of the Mac and iPad and there was no boost option available. I.e. next time need to bring a preamp. Anyway, will this be the start of a revived Edge? 3.0? Just Rumori? Comments welcome.


  • Top 40 – artist unknown (album: TV Tunes – Dutch Television)
  • The Muppets explain Phenomenology – The Muppets (video)
  • Fish Mambo – Oleg Kostov (album: Legkaja Zima)
  • The Man Within – Sean Landers (album: The Man Within)
  • Soviet National Anthem – Red Army Choir
  • Das Spiel Ist Aus (Alternate Album Version) – Laibach (album: Das Spiel Ist Aus)
  • Let’s get with it – artist unknown (album: Wayout)
  • The Yam Jam (bonus rap-beat) – Karen Finley (album: The Truth is Hard to Swallow)
  • Ok Ok Ok – Bruce Nauman (album: Raw Materials)
  • I Love You So – Electronicat (album: ElectroniCAT)
  • Ga Doum Blitzfonika – Lord Metal (album: Independent World Vol. 2)
  • Revolution Action – Atari Teenage Riot (video)
  • Typewriter – Jean-jacques Perrey (album: The Happy Electropop Music Machine)
  • Uzbekian Dance – Oleg Kostrov (album: Imago)
  • Difficult Love – Messer Chups (album: The Best of Messer Chups: Cocktail Draculina)
  • Bossy – Captain Ahab (album: Drunk On The Blood Of Other Men)
  • Whip It – Devo (video)
  • Machine Gun – The Genetic Terrorists (album: Machine Gun)
  • Hand On Your Gun – Lowkey (album: Soundtrack to the Struggle… [Explicit])