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Edge2.199 Net Battle

The Internet or better the freedoms citizens of the world have enjoyed since the net’s inception, are under a continuous threat from big bizz to take away these freedoms. An assault is orchestrated in the hope to curb free speech and free exchange of information. It goes so far to propose for bizz to have unprecedented power to spy on internet users, well, that is of course everyone in the world. Citizen rights we enjoy in the off line world, soon may not be allowed online. CISPA is the latest attempt and it is damn right scary. Oh well, next our celebration of free speech and free sharing of the music and sounds we love.


  • Toccata III – Les Percussions De Strasbourg (album: Americana (Philips 6526 017 vinyl))
  • The Kitchen – Wendy Chambers (album: Femirama)
  • Strammer, Dames! – Drs.P. (album: Compilé sur CD)
  • 90 WPM 05 – Steno-Disc (album: Actual Business Letters Dictated At Various Speeds (No 514))
  • Double Spindizzy – Henry Flynt (album: Graduation And Other New Country And Blues Music)
  • Shirin Chai Nakhordom – artist unknown (album: Afghan-Traditional Music Of Herat)
  • Vullus – Raggende Manne (album: Omschudden)
  • Kürbis – Apparatschik (album: Apparatschik)
  • The Good Things – John Wayne (album: America, Why I Love Her)
  • She’s Gone Away – Mike Patton (album: Great Jewish Music: Burt Bacharach)
  • 49 Second Romance – P1-E (album: Als Die Partisanen Kamen (Berlin underground 1979-1983))