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Edge2.229 You want cake, you got cake!

Cookies, kitchen, oven.. cake. An all week cake week. Many tracks were taken from WFMU’s wonderful 160 Versions of Todd Colby’s “Cake”, Kenneth Goldsmith’s crazy collection of covers mostly made by listeners of his radio program. The counter now reads 208 versions while we improvised yet another cake; 209. Playlist: Who Wants Cake? – Venetian Snares (album: My-So […]

Edge2.204 Some Stuff Laying Around The House

Don’t know what to say after listening to Sean Landers’ rant, I am humbled by him, my words pale in comparison.. here’s the list: Electro-Acoustic Fanfare – Barry Anderson (album: Project 91) How We Hear – Bell Telephone Laboratories (album: The Science Of Sound) There Was Never A Moment When Evil Was Real – Boyd Rice (album: […]