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Edge2.234 NL, BE

NL, BE what else than music from this area on planet earth. Mostly the ppl inhabiting this piece of land speak a language understood by a very small percentage of the global populace. Playlist: Leader – Radio Rabotnik TV (album: Q.E.D.) waiting for zorro – Pseudo Code – (album: Insane Music For Insane People, Vol. 2) Don’t Lose Control – Snowy Red […]


Edge2.223 Number-number-number.

It’s number day today.. Playlist: The Numbers – Negativland (album: Presents OVER THE EDGE Vol. 5: Crosley Bendix – The Radio Reviews) Counting the die’s dots – Jan Turkenburg (album: Numerology) Twelve – Venetian Snares (album: Infolepsy) Numerology – Mathews (album: DIGITAL MUSIC DIGITAL * Computer Music Currents 13) Bat bi hiru lau – The Ronnie Wibbley Orchestra (album: Numerology) The Sound of Numbers – Tony Schwartz […]