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Edge2.213 Riot Inc.

Riots near Groningen, that surely is a long time ago and then in the small village of bourgeois Haren. So today the musical sound of riot incorporated in our show. Playlist: Feestbeest – Hakkûhbar (album: Vet Heftig) Party Bomb! – Sabrepulse (album: Chipbreak Wars) Revolution Action – Atari Teenage Riot (album: Atari Teenage Riot: 1992-2000) Assasins – Lightning Bolt […]


Edge2.212 Freeform episode 12

Indeed a freeform episode this week due to a lack of theme. Playlist: Tanz mit Laibach – Laibach (album: WAT) Radio Web MACBA – Kenneth Goldsmith (album: Memorabilia: Collecting Sounds with Kenneth Goldsmith, part II) Furniture Music, Part 1: Curtain of a Voting Booth – Erik Satie (album: Selected Works (Ensemble Ars Nova) Motherland Megamix – […]