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Edge 2.200: Two oh oh celebratory edgecast.

A milestone, Edge radio show celebrates its 200st edition with an extra hour, some naughty 15 bonus minutes and a much appreciated visit by OOG Radio lead Evert Janse. From now on we simply call Edge2.0 Edge2xx until we reach our next milestone. Thanks all who came by for a drink, the reception was heart warming. Also a thanks to our listeners for the hard listening, OOG Radio for hosting our show and for the bottle in wraps! Celebratory theme: Freedom.

Your hosts: Arthur Elsenaar, Jeroen de Boer and Boukor.


  • Soviet National Anthem – Red Army Choir (album: unknown)
  • Brief Interlude: The Telephone Call – Daniel Steven Crafts (album: Soap Opera w/ Snake Oil Symphony)
  • Genre recital 2.0 – Arthur Elsenaar (album: none)
  • California Dreamin’ – 386dx (album: The Best of 386dx)
  • Bij de marine – Wim T. Schippers (album: Harko Wind Songs)
  • Wo ist die Freiheit – Oktoberklub (album: Das Beste aus der DDR)
  • Preludi – Erkki Kurenniemi (album: Äänityksiä / Recordings 1963-1973)
  • Talk Show – Cabbage Boy (album: Genetically modified)
  • P.R.E.S.S. – Atari Teenage Riot (album: Future of War)
  • Hambu Hodo – Renaldo & The Loaf (album: Hambu Hodo)
  • Painting (Big Band) – Otomo Yoshihide (album: Blue)
  • Star Spangled Banner – Wendy Chambers (album: Meridians 2)
  • This Is A Film – Iggy Pop (album: Arizona Dream)
  • Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For [Special Edit Radio Mix] – Negativland (album: U2)
  • Gammer – This is Mind Blowing (EP: Rip Roar / Body Flow / Move 2 This / Mind Blowing)
  • Headphonies 0/0 – Roiji Ikeda (album: +/-)
  • Gay Robot – Adam Sandler (album: Shhh Don’t Tell)
  • Gays in the Military – Bill Hicks (album: Rant in E-Minor)
  • Whip it – Devo (album: Freedom of Choice)
  • untitled – Stalaggh (album: Projekt Terrror)
  • Go To Sleep My Darling – Dezurik Sisters (album: Alan Lomax – Flowers In The Wildwood, Women In Early Country Music, 1923-1939)
  • California Über Alles – Duckmandu (album: Fresh Duck for Rotting Accordionists)
  • Call it Power – S-Z (album: Magnetic North)
  • Sex with the Sheriff – Eugene Chadbourne (album: Jesse Helms busted with pornography)
  • Music in Speech – Tony Schwartz (album: Millions of Musicians)
  • Bonus Track: Naher Osten – Gottfried Bechtold (album: RP4 – Beispiele Österreichischer Radiokunst)

Note: if you get playback issues with this edgecast please let us know.