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Edge2.173 Troubadours of the past and present – part 1

Edge radio knows no limits when it approaches the genre of singer-songwriter music and broadens it to include throat-singing, live beat-boxing with hip hop lyrics, neo-folk, electronic folk etc. which all are part of the ancient troubadour, or even more ancient bard/rhapsode/griot tradition.
Troubadour music according to us is not just some guy playing chord on a guitar singing lyrical poetic epic lyrics, but also girls (Trobairitz – Lisa Germano, a fine example) know this string instrument – and other instruments can be added to the mix, as long as the chanteur/-euse en question is telling a self-composed melodic story..
Then the show suddenly dived into a coffee place in New York City where remote Arthur Elsenaar reported from Wall Street, these days the scene of protestors of all sorts making their voices and unamplified instruments/drums heard.
This skype/wifi/phone report sets the tone for the follow-up of our troubadour theme: more political troubadours coming up next week..


  • Huun-Huur-Tu – Sygyt (Whistle)
  • Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh – La Di Da Di
  • Zwitbert – Medieval harp troubadour (interlude)
  • Beck – Pink Moon
  • Spiritual Front – Jesus Died In Las Vegas
  • Bjork – Thunderbolt
  • Lisa Germano – Red thread
  • Lenny Kuhr – De troubadour (live Eurovision version)
  • Gérard Lenorman – Et moi je chante (cut in half version)
  • Ry Cooder – Humpty Dumpty World
  • Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band – Dropout Boogie