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Edge2.174 Troubadours of the past and present – part 2

Political troubadours from South Africa open the show. Apartheid in the sixties and in the noughties juxtaposed. Then we get the human microphone from Occupy Wall Street reported by NPR, the rapper Immortal Technique and remote NYC-based Arthur Elsenaar in skype conversation with remote Jeroen. Again they discuss about OWS which is getting more organized these days. Also songs by opportunistic and genuine musicians start appearing online, a bit like the musical reactions to “Katrina”. We close off with older American protest songs and a Russian folk song to finalize the troubadour theme. More voices coming week..


  • Miriam Makeba – Khawuleza
  • Die Antwoord – Enter The Ninja
  • Zwitbert – Medieval harp troubadour (interlude)
  • NPR – 21st Century Protest Music: Will There Be Another Dylan? Should There Be?
  • Immortal Technique – Occupy Wall Street is America’s Awakening
  • Remi – Occupy Wall Street Protest Song
  • Woody Guthrie – All You Fascists Bound To Lose
  • Sons Of The Pioneers – Old Man Atom
  • Аквариум – Gorod Zolotoj (Golden town)