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Edge2.175 The (Human) Microphone – part 1

The mic mike microphone was invented in 1877. Since then sounds have been converted into electric signals, an essential element for making radio and recording sound. This week’s Edge radio episode offers a broad view on this topic: microphone experimentation with mixers/pedals (EBL), “ancient” preserved voice/music recordings, the insertion of a mic in your mouth (Wojciech Kosma) or in a can (Claus Haxholm), a multi-layered Tibetian soundscape (Geir Jenssen), the Human Microphone at Occupy Wall Street, beat boxing hip hop from Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh remixed more than a decade later by DJ Honda and a remix of Alan Lomax (pioneer in field recording) by Tangle Eye.
This subject, from even more week.


  • EBL – Ambient panic
  • Thomas Edison – Thomas Edison’s Voice Resurrected From 80 year old lost recording format
  • Orchestra, A. Paganucci – director – 2nd record, Sept. 15, 1924. – A. Paganucci
  • Wojciech Kosma – Blow Job
  • Claus Haxholm – Tincan and microphone
  • Geir Jenssen – Tingri: The Last Truck
  • Michael Moore – Michael Moore Tonight at #OccupyWallStreet: “This Is a Historic Day” (Day 19)
  • Anonymous – Mic check in Times square
  • Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh – La Di Da Di
  • Dj Honda – on the mic
  • Tangle Eye – John Henry’s Blues