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Edge2.196 Open Libraries, closed down crawler.

Today some attention to the close down of our friend the music blog search engine CaptainCrawl. After pressure from music industry CC has thrown in the towel and closed itself down. Then some discussion on a new project by Remote Jeroen and co. called with the aim to shake up the almost asleep library community about copyright issues, the internet and threats from the industry to liberties we all still take for granted, but are under serious threat (i.e. ACTA, etc.).


  • Befriend a Child Killer Remix – Venetian Snares (album: Find Candace)
  • Premiere Gymnopedie – Victoria Looseleaf (album: Harpnosis)
  • The Truth – Astrid Monroe & Genesis P-Orridge (album: When I Was Young)
  • Money Money Money – Robin Workman (album: Moog and Guitars Play Abba)
  • Frog Went A-Courtin’ – Almeda Riddle (album: Sounds of the South)
  • Het Ei – Ton Lebbink (album: Hongerwinter)
  • Aquarians – Pachora (album: Ast)
  • Va Va Voom – Ferrante & Teicher (album: Ferrante and Teicher with Percussion)
  • Beep Beep Love – Gruppo Sportivo (album: Back To 19 Mistakes)
  • Motorcycle Ride – Bruce Haack (album: The Way-Out Record for Children)
  • In The Death Car – 16 bit (album: Dubstep Vol.6)
  • Basscadet- Autechre (album: Incunabula)
  • Oxygene, Pt. 2 – Señor Coconut (album: Fiesta Songs)