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Edge2.197 Freeform episode 11

This week another freeform episode, with dormant Boukor waking up this week to replace Arthur and present with Jeroen yet another mixed bag of music for your enjoyment and contemplation.


  • Seefeel – Come Alive (EP: More Like Space EP)
  • Motion Trio – Balkan Dance (album: Balkan Music El tiempo de los gitanos)
  • Jeremy Gillespie – The Father’s Day Killer
  • Lasse Marhaug – One Eye And Watching (album One Eye And Watching 7″)
  • Fracus & Darwin – Realms & Rough-Cuts (album: Balancing Act)
  • Shining – The Madness And The Damage Done, Pt. 1 (album: Blackjazz)
  • Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows – Idleness & Consequence (album: La Chambre D’Echo – Where the Dead Birds Sing)
  • Rabbinical School Dropouts – Pillow Rock (album: Cosmic Tree)
  • Н. Соколов – Сафари
  • Guernica – Fukko No Uta (album: Kaizo He No Yakudo)
  • Chevron – Cyberia (album: Everything’s Exactly The Same)
  • DC-10 – Flying High