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Edge2.216 Drugs

Drugs.. Playlist: Acid Test 901 – The Kosmik Kommando (Aphex Twin related) (album: Universal Indicator Yellow) Drugs Are Bad – Bill Hicks (album: Love. Laughter and Truth) Peyote Spirit Song – Chief White Eagle (album: Vintage collection – old peyote songs) Nova Expres Times Survey On Alcoholism – Raymond and Peter (album: Shut Up Little Man) Beer Drinking Women […]


Edge2.158 Drugs + Internet Failure

Topic of this week: Drugs, but then the program was plagued by internet connectivity problems. Bill Cosby quizing children about drugs, a mad American clergyman raging against LSD, Kraut demons, a paddoman, Dope and Glory by Bea Foote, Stoned Muppets and BIll Hicks. A comprehensive list? Not likely. If this weeks installment didn’t get you tuned […]