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Edge2.216 Drugs



  • Acid Test 901 – The Kosmik Kommando (Aphex Twin related) (album: Universal Indicator Yellow)
  • Drugs Are Bad – Bill Hicks (album: Love. Laughter and Truth)
  • Peyote Spirit Song – Chief White Eagle (album: Vintage collection – old peyote songs)
  • Nova Expres Times Survey On Alcoholism – Raymond and Peter (album: Shut Up Little Man)
  • Beer Drinking Women – Willie Nixon (album: Classic Blues from Smithsonian Folkways)
  • Eine Art Wunderdroge – Albert Hofmann (album: Erinnerungen eines Psychonauten)
  • Addictions – Matthew Herbert (album: Bodily Functions)
  • Disconnect – Plastikman (album: Closer)
  • I’m Gonna Get High – Tampa Red & The Chicago Five (album: Dope & Glory)
  • The Elite – Timothy Leary (album: unknown)
  • Who’s Afraid (Of The Red, White & Blue) (Sandoz Remix) – Richard H. Kirk (album: Expreso_Elektro_Congo (Intone Unreleased Projects, Vol. 4: 2003-2005)
  • A Grape Dope – Tortoise (album: Millions Living Now Will Never Die)
  • Tune In (Turn on Thee Acid House) – Psychic TV (album: Origin of the Species, Vol. 2 Disc 1)