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Edge2.217 Sans Remote, Avec Disco

Remote Jeroen even more remote than usual, so an excellent opportunity to explore some disco.


  • Fatty Boom Boom – Die Antwoord (album: Ten$ion)
  • Chase – Giorgio Moroder (album: Chase (US 12″ Promo))
  • Iron Blood Saw – Otto Von Schirach (album: Global Speaker Fisting)
  • Cry – Petite M’Amie (album: Girl Friend Baby Doll)
  • Either His, or Yours – Coil (album: Gold is the Metal)
  • Why Do Men Have Nipples? – Greater Than One (album: G-Force)
  • Descent into the Inferno – Scraping Foetus off the Wheel (album: Nail)
  • Waarom – Gerard de Vries (album: Giddy Up Go)
  • Sonograma III – Leo Brouwer (album: La Tradicion Se Rompe)
  • The Dumb Waiters – The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast (album: G’arage d’or)
  • Get Down – Connie Case (album: Disco Not Disco 2 – Leftfield Disco Classics From The New York Underground.)
  • Bionica – Esplendor Geometrico (album: Control Remoto 1.0)
  • El Cable – Esquivel (album: 1968 Esquivel!!)