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Edge2.234 NL, BE

NL, BE what else than music from this area on planet earth. Mostly the ppl inhabiting this piece of land speak a language understood by a very small percentage of the global populace. Playlist: Leader – Radio Rabotnik TV (album: Q.E.D.) waiting for zorro – Pseudo Code – (album: Insane Music For Insane People, Vol. 2) Don’t Lose Control – Snowy Red […]


Edge2.233 NY, NY

New York, New York, with music and field recordings of this (in)famous city of the avant garde. Playlist: New York, New York – Wendy Mae Chambers (album: Gravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones: Experimental Musical Instruments) New York Social Life (1977) – Laurie Anderson (album: New Music For Electronic and Recorded Media. Women In Electronic Music) Lesson No. 2 – Glenn Branca (album: The […]


Edge2.232 Freeform episode 15

Another episode of our infamous freeform series. Sit back and listen. Playlist: Highly Illogical – Leonard Nimoy (album: Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock’s Music From Outer Space) Mental Radio – Matmos (album: The Marriage of True Minds) Ross Transcript – Matmos (album: The Marriage of True Minds) Curriculum Vitae – Lukas Foss (album: Music By Lukas Foss) To Describe George Washington Bridge – Stephan Mathieu (album: […]


Edge2.231 Mashup and Sonic Acts XV

This week we pay attention to the impeding Sonic Acts festival in Amsterdam that celebrates its XV anniversary. Further Remote Jeroen intermingles some of his favorite mashup’s. Playlist Making Babies In A Spring Bed – C.M. Von Hausswolff (album: Frequencies [Hz]) Heart And Soul – BJ Nilsen (album: Recovery) Gotland – BJ Nilsen (album: Touch 25) Love Him – Okapi  (album: Love Him) Tumba […]


Edge2.230 Freeform episode 14

Another freeform episode this week as we ran out of cake and cookies. Playlist: Mimikry – ANBB (Alva Noto & Blixa Bargeld) (album: Mimikry) Hello – Felix Kubin  (album: Matki Wandalki) Algorithmus – DAF (album: Fünfzehn neue DAF lieder) Tell Me Where it Hurts – Kevin Blechdom  (album: Gentemania) Bitches Tune – Contemporary Noise Quartet (album: Theatre Play Music) Painting (Big Band) – Otomo Yoshihide  (album: Blue) Sitcom – Eric Bogosian […]


Edge2.229 You want cake, you got cake!

Cookies, kitchen, oven.. cake. An all week cake week. Many tracks were taken from WFMU’s wonderful 160 Versions of Todd Colby’s “Cake”, Kenneth Goldsmith’s crazy collection of covers mostly made by listeners of his radio program. The counter now reads 208 versions while we improvised yet another cake; 209. Playlist: Who Wants Cake? – Venetian Snares (album: My-So […]

Edge2.228 Ping Pong

You guessed it alright: this week a collection of music based on the sounds of table tennis. Quite amazing so many artists have been inspired by the sound of pong; what about Dolly Parton or Dutch composer / artist Dick Raaijmakers. Follow us on our journey through from the left to the right and back […]


Edge 2.227 Fairly Minimal.

This weeks focus on artists that create new kinds of minimal music. They often use the absolute minimal auditive elements like very short clicks or beeps. Playlist: Nervous – Ride Of The Valkyrie – Curd Duca (album: Switched On Wagner) Between the Two – Janek Schaefer (album: In The Last Hour) 5 M’ Circles – By Autopoieses & Peter Fey (album: Maschinelle […]


Edge 2.226 Below zero.

Yes, it’s cold. Let’s find some suitable music. Playlist: Hold My Cold Hand – Scattered Order (album: Terrace Industry) Arctic Hysteria – The Residents (album: Eskimo) Frozen Gtr – Thurston Moore (album: Trees Outside The Academy) Cool In The North – Touch 33 (album: Magnetic North)  Winter 1 – Max Richter (album: Recomposed) Winnipeg Is a Frozen Shithole – Venetian Snares (album: Winnipeg Is a Frozen Shithole) Sneeuw is […]


Edge2.225 Guns ‘n Drones

Edge starts the new year with guns and drones, two topics that will likely dominate the news in 2013. Hopefully gun control in the states won’t lead to more drones in the street. Playlist: Machine Gun – The Genetic Terrorists (album: Machine Gun) Maryanne Amacher – Excerpt from Stain – album: (The Music Rooms – Live Version) Then – Negativland […]